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Cat 6 to Continue With Race Radios On All Group Rides and Coffee Stops

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The UCI had announced last fall that it would ban radios at the lowest level of elite racing. It has several classes of events: Historic and ProTour at the top, 2.HC or 1.HC for stage races and one-day races, respectively, and then 2.1/1.1 and 2.2/1.2 as the bottom two rungs.

Today USA Cycling has decided to follow suit with the UCI’s new rule to ban race radios in events classified below the top levels.

Category 6 Racing Squad is following with an announcement that it will of course continue to use the tools on all levels of training rides, coffee stops and interoffice communication.

Only was only last year that the Squad discovered that it was far to more PRO to use a race radio while on various training rides and coffee stops.  The implementation of the radios gave the squad a significant step forward in elitism.

“The first time we lined up on the city wide training ride with race radios was extremely controversial.” exclaimed Derrick, Cat 6 Directeur Sportif.  ”There were many participants on the ride who were seriously upset and asked what the hell we were doing.”  Cat 6 responded as a team with barrage of softly spoken insults into their microphones transmitted directly to the ears of only their teammates.   They used the technology to criticize various participants clothing choices, mismatched bar and stem combinations and lackluster bike maintenance.

“We were nearing the ceiling in our PRO look and snobbery.  We had perfected our kits and spent ungodly amounts of money on equipment.  We were scared that the only thing left to further our ability to look down on other cyclists was to train and get fast”, proclaimed Derrick.  With an already serious commitment made to drinking, training was not an option for the squad. “The radios brought us to a new level in intimidation.  Newer cyclists were nervous of our status and seasoned cyclists were frustrated with our jackassery in such a serious setting.  This was the Tuesday Night Ride after all and nothing to be taken lightly”   In both cases, Cat 6 used the heightened communication to make snide comments and laugh inexplicably after a subtle glance at another rider.

The squad found another  use for the communication tool.  Cat 6 as a team has always enjoyed the visual benefits of spending much of their time on local parkways and exercise paths populated with other cyclists, joggers, and inline skaters.  Selecting these training routes allowed for a magnificent view of areas best vistas.  Cat 6 began to use the communication in a way that increased the squad’s ability to recognize not to be missed scenery.   “We essentially had up to 6 pairs of eyes in all directions which led to about 3 times as many sightings on a training ride”, said Tyler, the newly crowned President of the Squad.

Thankfully race radios are now banned in the United States and Europe only competitively.  In this respect, Cat 6 clearly has nothing to worry about and will continue to use these tools to their advantage.


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