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State Fair Affair: The Hell & Damnation Experience

June 17th, 2011 · No Comments · State Fair Crit

Pop Quiz…

Fire.  Rain.  Ninjas. What do you get when you combine those ingredients?

A. The newest film from Clive Barker

B. Judgment Day and a big fat “I Told You So” from Harold Camping

C. Just another day at the State Fair Affair Races

D. Who cares…I’d rather see pictures of kittens

Now, we know your first instinct is to likely go with Answer D.  We know…everyone loves pictures of kittens.  But you’d be wrong.  Kittens and Ninjas don’t mix. And Clive?  Well, he peaked w/ Hellraiser and is sticking with books.  And alas, poor Harold is no longer around, mysteriously vanishing into thin air.  Wait, we stand corrected.  Harold is still around.  The Rapture never happened.  And Category 6 couldn’t be any happier.  It would have really sucked had God prematurely ended the Giro d’Italia.

That leaves Answer C.  And Category 6 wouldn’t have it any other way.  Between scorching 100+ degree heat and a deluge of rain that would make even Hurricane Katrina gasp in amazement, the State Fair Affair has been just that: unpredictable, lethal and, well…EFFEN FUN!!!

So come join the fun 6/21 and 6/28 at the State Fair Affair: Machinery vs Ninjas Crit Series.  Race, or just watch everyone else suffer.  We’ve just ordered a shipment of locusts and we’re currently in negotiations with a few of the Horseman.  For more information on this hellish affair, visit

And we’re serious about the locusts…


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