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Chicks Dig Mustaches!

March 8th, 2012 · 1 Comment · Mustache Ride

Or at least that’s what we hear.  While most of us at C6RS pride ourselves for our meticulous grooming habits and silky smooth legs, there is one time of the year when hair is our friend.  No, “friend” isn’t strong enough.

It’s an obsession.

And that time is now.

Yes, it’s time for the annual C6RS mustache ride.  A time when we put away those stainless steel razors and frothy creme and embrace hair.   Manly hair.  Sexy hair.  Hair that flows freely from our faces like the rugged cowboys of days long gone by.

And you should too.

Join us Saturday, March 10, for an evening of bikes, beer, and, of course…mustaches.   Already have a mustache?  You have a few days to primp, gloss and shine it.  Don’t have a mustache?  Don’t worry, we can lend you one.

Da details:

4:00 – Meet at King’s at 46th & Grand (Minneapolis)

4:30 – Head to Pizza Luce on Greenway at Blake Road (Carb Load)

5:45- Start pedaling to Town Hall Brewery (for more Carb Loading)

From that point on, it’s anybody’s guess.  And hopefully somewhat legal. See you there!


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  • johnny

    thanks for the fun ride! we had a blast.

    quite a few pictures taken that day… have they found their way online?

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