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Tyler's Bio

Given Racing Nickname: Skidsey
Racing Style: Jank
Position On Team: Podium Girl Destracter
Abilities: Lockin' 'em up (his brakes: Skidsey)
Claim to fame:

Tyler began racing for the first time way back in the spring of 2004. He started off with a rookie team named the Tickler Squad. Tickler Squad very quickly folded when they realized that they stole the name and were caught. Thats when he took a chance to do something great and co-started C6RS. The rest is history. Tyler has perfected a technique that the rest of us have yet to even attempt. Racing without sleep. Team Euskaltel Euskadi team manager, Niguel Madariaga, said he would give anything to allow his team to train at night and race in the day. Tyler’s secret is safe for now.