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The Category six members began their lustrous career with a strict mission statement.

We don’t really want to race we just want to be racers.

We stand behind this mission statement as it has shaped who we are and what we have become (and kept our legs clean shaven). It has formed our disciplinary structure and has given us overall purpose in life
where we once had none.

Category 6 Racing Squad has another goal, this one much more altruistic. We recognize some major teams in the Euro peleton that have taken a cause under their wing and we didn’t want to be left out. Floyd Landis and Team Phonak “race for better hearing”.

C6RS races for bone density awareness.

So, get that checked.

Really, we have decided that it is fun riding fancy road bikes. So we’re going to make racing them fun too, regardless of some of the hyper-serious in the pack. We will be racing bikes and getting our entry fee’s worth in fun. You will never see a C6RS rider making a dangerous move to ensure a 4th place finish in a beginners race. We like racing and we wouldn’t mind winning, but we understand our place in the peloton and we have a lack of ego to match it.